Harrisburg, Pa. June 3, 2019 – Senator Maria Collett (D-Montgomery/Bucks) introduced a bill memo for cosponsorship today to reduce fees for seniors applying for REAL ID cards and driver’s licenses.

Pennsylvania has the 5th largest elder population in the United States, which continues to grow each year. Our seniors have worked hard, raised their families, and deserve to spend their retirements with peace and dignity. Yet faced with rising costs of living, countless older Pennsylvanians are now working in part-time or supplemental jobs, scrimping on food, medication and other necessities, and struggling to stay afloat.

While there is no doubt that the transition to more secure identification cards like REAL ID is necessary for air travel and admission to federal and military buildings in this day and age, the reality is that the process can be cumbersome and frustrating, particularly for older Pennsylvanians.

“Cost should not be an added burden to the already burdensome process of obtaining a REAL ID,” said Senator Collett. “I have heard from many constituents that the cost of a REAL ID presents a real challenge to those on fixed incomes. As the Democratic Chair of the Senate Aging Committee, I am committed to defending and speaking out on behalf of Pennsylvania’s seniors.”

This legislation will create a senior discount on REAL ID fees of at least 50 percent of the Real ID Fee established by the Department of Transportation, but the Department will be permitted to increase this discount above the 50 percent minimum.