HARRISBURG, PA – August 8, 2019 – Senator Maria Collett (D-12) introduced a bill memo for co-sponsorship today to establish the Public Works Impacted Business Tax Credit to mitigate short-term adverse effects of public works projects on our local businesses.

Government-supported construction projects seek to improve traffic safety, manage our storm water systems, and help grow communities across the Commonwealth. Unfortunately, the construction required to improve our infrastructure may impact local businesses in the immediate area.

Earlier this month, a restaurant owner in our district (Mr. John Neal of Piero’s Italian Restaurant) shared his story on social media, explaining how his business had taken a hit due to a necessary but prolonged bridge project. As we brainstormed ways to help this one business owner, we were reminded that business owners across the Commonwealth may find themselves in a similar position.

“The success of our local businesses and business owners is integral to the success of our communities,” said Senator Collett. “The Public Works Impacted Business Tax Credit will help alleviate the financial impact that these projects may have on the staples of our communities as we seek to improve our infrastructure across the Commonwealth.”

The Public Works Impacted Business Tax Credit will be modeled after a successful program in the City of Philadelphia. A business that has suffered a loss of net income and receipts/sales of 10% or more at a location where public works projects substantially obstructed access to the business for 30 days or more may apply for the tax credit.