Harrisburg, Pa. – July 15, 2020 — During today’s session, Senator Maria Collett (D-12 Montgomery/Bucks) voted “No” on SB 1166, which would, if adopted as a constitutional amendment, allow the legislature to unilaterally end an emergency declaration by a Governor by simple majority, as opposed to a two-thirds majority as currently allowed.

Senator Collett offers the following reactions:

  • “I voted against SB 1166 because I believe that during the critical time of a statewide emergency, our governor — elected by the entire state — and their cabinet are in the best position to make swift decisions and take swift actions on our collective behalf.”
  • “An emergency is by definition unanticipated, urgent, and temporary. We don’t get to choose our emergencies. They do not run on a predictable time clock. And they do not pause to wait for parliamentary debate, political maneuvering, and a legislative process constitutionally designed to be slow.”
  • “My constituents constantly ask, why is a given popular bill with many cosponsors not moving in the legislature. The answer is typically because the legislature is not necessarily designed to — nor has it proven itself able to — work in a swift and collaborative fashion. If the legislature can’t pass a widely supported bill about puppy mills like SB 44 or Lyme disease like SB 100 in a timely and apolitical fashion, what are the odds of us doing so during the next state of emergency?”