Harrisburg, Pa. February 6, 2024 − Senator Maria Collett (D-12 Montgomery, Democratic Caucus Secretary) attended Governor Josh Shapiro’s budget address today and would like to share the following comments:

  • Here in Pennsylvania, it’s time for us to realize that we get what we pay for. If you want to have an economy that leads the nation, you need to make the investments in our communities that support opportunities for businesses to compete, that give their workers an opportunity to succeed, and for their children to thrive. The Governor’s budget lays out significant investments to turn that vision into reality. I know that Senate Democrats are up to the task to deliver for this Commonwealth.”


  • “I’m pleased to see Governor Shapiro prioritize putting more money into working families’ pockets and boosting our economy. This is a pro-worker budget – helping parents remain in the workforce by renewing PA’s expanded Child and Dependent Care Enhancement Tax Credit; ensuring folks can get to and from work by investing in public transit; and making sure that once they get there, they’re paid a dignified, livable wage.”


  • “I’m also thrilled to see Governor Shapiro become the first PA Governor to highlight period poverty in his address. The proposed budget includes $3 million to improve access to menstrual products in Pennsylvania’s schools – a key component of SB 906, my Menstrual Equity Act, which I’ve been advocating for since taking office. Far too many Pennsylvanians, including students, struggle to afford or access the menstrual products they need, often forcing them to miss class, impacting their academic achievement, and compounding into long-term repercussions for our economic competitiveness.”


  • “The quality of a student’s education should not be determined by their zip code. To begin to remedy Pennsylvania’s unconstitutional school funding system, the Governor is proposing over $1 billion in historic and strategic investments in K-12 education, including expanding mental health supports for students, tackling teacher shortages, and investing in school safety and violence prevention – all top issues for students, families and teachers in my district and across the Commonwealth.”


  • “Year after year, the Commonwealth has failed to adequately support the Intellectual Disabilities and Autism community. The Governor’s budget proposal firmly says: No more. Through $480 million in rate increases to providers using both state and federal dollars, we will finally be able to address Direct Support Professional staffing shortages, which have limited opportunities for so many Pennsylvanians and their families to thrive. As the Democratic Chair of the Senate Aging & Youth Committee, I am proud to support this proposal through the budget negotiations.”

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