Harrisburg, Pa. – May 12, 2021 — Senator Maria Collett (D-12 Montgomery/Bucks) joined her colleagues in the Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Caucus today to unveil the “New Deal for PA,” a targeted $6.15 billion investment of the federal funds allocated to the Commonwealth pursuant to the federal American Rescue Plan (ARP).

This proposed investment includes, among many other things:

  • $300 million to improve the Commonwealth’s child care system
  • $200 million for adult education, job training and workforce development, plus an additional $100 million for public health workforce development
  • $250 million to support home- and community-based care providers and workers
  • $450 million for water, sewer and stormwater upgrades, including PFAS filtration

“The COVID pandemic brought into stark focus that too many people here in the 12th District and across the Commonwealth have been living paycheck to paycheck, unable to invest in their families’ futures and save for emergencies,” stated Senator Collett. “Under the Senate Democrats’ proposed New Deal for PA, this once-in-a-lifetime infusion of federal dollars will focus on getting people back to work, jump-starting Pennsylvania’s economic recovery, and investing in public health systems.”

Senator Collett added: “Our budget is a direct reflection of our priorities. The Senate Democrats’ proposed New Deal for PA has been carefully crafted with an eye towards leveling the playing field and creating opportunities for everyday Pennsylvanians and Pennsylvania’s small businesses, particularly for women and communities of color. The 1933 New Deal, which still remains the framework of our nation’s social safety network, never contemplated working women. Women, and especially women of color, make up the majority of workers in most frontline professions and over the past year, women have left the workforce at four times the rate as men. The New Deal for PA acknowledges that without major investments in things like child care facilities, K-12 education, and home health care services, we can’t get these women back in the workforce. Investing in our caregiving infrastructure is just as important to rebuilding our economy as investing in roads and bridges.”

You can find more information about the Senate Democrats’ “New Deal for PA” here.